Ready to Say Goodbye to your Acne for Good? We have a 90% clearing rate. You too can be clear in 3-4 months!

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Meet Joy

Joy Pfister, Licensed Master Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist

Joy has spent the last 13 years working with skin as a makeup artist, and growing

FBJ Weddings that employs over 15 women in the area as makeup artist and hair stylists.

After years of instructing her team on her love of skin care, designing her own products,

and being the top choice for brides with challenging acne prone skin, Joy has opened her

love of working with acne prone and challenging skin to everyone. Gaining additional

credentials as a State Licensed Esthetician, and Certified Acne Specialist she has

recently opened Richmond Acne Specialists.


Located within the 4400sq foot Studio Space at The Studio , Joy and her specialty acne

team meets with clients weekly to access and treat mild, moderate, and severe acne.


If you would like to learn more about the program,

please start with filling out the questionnaire below! 

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