September 7th - November 25th

At the Office

If you’re coming to see us in our office, we’ll cover a series of questions and tests to find out more about your skin. This will help us create a personalized product and treatment regimen that you’ll follow over a 12-week period to achieve clear skin.
Once clear, you will continue using our products to maintain your results. Since there is no cure for acne, this is the best way to manage your acne without prescriptions.

 Acne Consultation and First Treatment

During your first treatment we will discuss our program and do a skin evaluation to learn about your skin and acne type.  We will also discuss lifestyle, diet, makeup, and hair product changes that can improve your skin.

 We then complete a 60 minute acne treatment that includes testing serums for your sensitivity and examining your skin. We will then do extractions and High Frequency or LED treatment depending on time allowed.

Acne Treatments

Includes a 60 minute acne treatment with extractions and High Frequency or LED treatment depending on time allowed. Clients will visit our office every two weeks to receive treatments and check in with a specialist, while continuing a regimen at home. Achieving clear skin can take anywhere from 12 to 14 weeks.

Expect to see significant results seen in the first 6 weeks.