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It takes about three to four months to see your skin clear up.

Have you ever started using acne products and they worked for about three weeks and then you started breaking out with blackheads again? This is because your skin actually got used to the products. If you allow your skin to get too used to products, you will never get rid of Acne


Having an aggressive home care and treatment regimen does not mean the skin should be highly irritated. That’s why it is important to allow an Acne Specialist to coach you in exactly how to use the acne products. We are trained to know just how much to push the skin to keep getting clear; and how to pull back when it’s too much for your skin. It takes time to get rid of blackheads – it can be the toughest kind of acne to get clear!


Let us guide you in the best way to get clear skin. Products with mandelic, salicylic and/or benzoyl peroxide all used in the right way for your acne can keep acne from forming in the first place.

Richmond Acne Specialists

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